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Candid Clear Aligners

At Pediatric Dentistry of Denton, we are excited to provide our patients and their families with the latest dental technology available. We specialize in providing locals from Denton, TX, and beyond with quality pediatric dentistry services, including space maintainers, straighter teeth through orthodontic treatment, and now–Candid clear aligners for children.

What are Candid Clear Aligners?

At Pediatric Dentistry of Denton (PDD), you can rest assured knowing your child’s smile will be treated gently yet effectively utilizing the latest techniques available, such as using advanced clear aligners provided by Candid™ Co., LLC! Experienced dentist Dr. Rex Gibson leads the dedicated team at Pediatric Dentistry of Denton. Our focus is on delivering family-centered comprehensive pediatric care using advanced technologies that make visits painless and enjoyable. 

Candid clear aligners are an innovative program to improve smiles without traditional braces involving brackets or wires in the mouth. With this exciting new option offered exclusively by PDD in Denton, TX, kids no longer have to worry about getting embarrassed when wearing heavy metal lingual appliances on their teeth during social situations like school activities or birthday parties – our program ensures that their self-confidence remains intact throughout the entire process! 

What are the Benefits of Candid Clear Aligners?

In addition to better aesthetics, Candid Clear Aligners also offers improved comfort compared to traditional fixed braces options thanks to its patented SmartTrack® material, which applies gentle pressure over time, allowing gradual tooth movement. Plus – because it’s removable, it dramatically simplifies brushing and flossing procedures making oral health maintenance more straightforward for both parents & children alike! 

Candid clear aligners offer shorter treatment times! It’s important to note that feature treatment times can vary based on each patient’s needs, so please discuss these details directly with your dentist before beginning any procedure – but generally speaking, most cases take less than six months!

What Makes Candid Different From Other Clear Aligner Systems? 

Candid aligners deliver comprehensive results with digital precision that’s hard to find with traditional braces or other aligner systems – all at a much lower cost. Not only that but Candid also offers easy accessibility through their online platform with virtual appointments if necessary.

Candid 3D Imaging Technology Produces Reliable Results!

When clearing up dental alignment problems, you need a reliable system that can pinpoint areas needing improvement quickly and accurately. This is where candids3D imaging technology shines! It captures precise details such as tooth position so corrections can be made without wasting time taking moldings and impressions, which can be uncomfortable for some patients– particularly kids!!  

With this technology integrated into candid’s custom trays during the fabrication process, Dr. Gibson gets an accurate measurement by directly seeing how teeth move over time, thus trimming down treatment duration while detecting any issues before even beginning treatment! In addition, these interactive visualizations make tracking progress easier for you, your child, and Dr. Rex Gibson. This advanced technology enables collaborative decision-making on alignment goals resulting in personalized outcomes and higher levels of overall satisfaction. 

Sounds Great! So How do I Get Started With Candid?

When you visit Dr. Gibson, he will evaluate if Candid Clear Aligner orthodontic therapy is right for your child’s case or not, as they’re a good solution but aren’t suitable in all scenarios, so ensure you get professional advice first before commencing ANY procedure regardless of whether it involves tooth straightening or hygiene products! 

If approved, then scans will need to be taken along with pictures and videos detailing how much movement needs to take place – then those results will be sent off electronically, where technicians design a custom set of aligners explicitly tailored for your child. This process takes about two weeks. 

The last step involves placing them correctly into your child’s mouth under direct supervision from Dr. Gibson

Following all necessary instructions until treatment completion is when we typically display progress photos/x-rays in a one-year post-initial installation session as a final wrap-up appointment. This step helps confirm success while properly ensuring the desired results are achieved!

Candid Clear Aligners in Denton for Children

Dr. Rex Gibson has dedicated himself to providing the best possible treatments available in dentistry today. As an experienced dentist, he has seen countless misaligned bites or other dental conditions easily rectified with clear corrective appliances such as Candid clear aligners. He takes great pride in helping his young patients obtain healthy and attractive smiles – something nearly every child deserves!

Candid clear aligners are an ideal option for an alternative orthodontic treatment due to their convenience, effectiveness, and increased comfort without drawing attention from strangers – something some children don’t like! Schedule a consultation today to get started. 

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Everyone is so nice and professional at Pediatric Denistry of Denton. They are very thorough and always make sure you understand everything they are doing. They also make sure you feel very comfortable. They are so great!

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Had a great experience bringing in my 19 month old for his first check up. Friendly staff! The doctor was very knowledgeable and gentle with my son.

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They were very quick to get us in. The hygienist that cleaned my sons teeth was very sweet and patient. The doctor came in as soon as the cleaning was over and was very informative. The entire staff was kind and polite. Overall, we are very happy with this office and staff.

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