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Six-Month to One-Year Dental Exams

Welcome to Pediatric Dentistry of Denton! Our team is led by a five-star rated pediatric dentist, Dr. Rex Gibson, and our goal is to provide excellent dental care for children from infancy until adulthood. We understand that visiting the dentist can be an intimidating experience for children, which is why we strive to make these visits as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That is why introducing your child to a dentist early on is essential, which is why we encourage you to schedule your child’s six-month-one-year dental exam in Denton, TX.

What Age Should My Child Have Their First Dental Exam?

We advise you to schedule an appointment with a dentist by the time the first tooth erupts or by the child’s first birthday to lessen the number of infants and kids who experience easily treatable tooth decay. Why? The dentist can examine the mouth and confirm healthy oral development when we see your child early in life.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Appointment

At Pediatric Dentistry of Denton, Dr. Rex Gibson offers a 6-month-1-year dental exam (baby checkups) to ensure that your child’s teeth and gums are developing correctly and healthily. On your first visit with the doctor, you can expect a comprehensive dental exam to check for any signs of tooth decay or cavities, as well as any other necessities, such as misalignment in bite patterns or gum diseases.

Dr. Rex Gibson may then proceed with some preventive care measures to help protect your children from more severe oral health issues in later life stages, such as X-rays (especially if there is teeth erosion detected) and electrical caries screening test, which uses an electrical current on their saliva sample to detect bacteria levels, both of which could indicate existing or potential problems that would be beneficial for catching early on before they further aggravate over time.

Regardless of what timely preventative routes are taken at your child’s 6 month-1 year exam visit, the main focus is always on building up good oral hygiene habits while developing strong, healthy teeth & gums – something Dr. Rex Gibson wants nothing less than patient satisfaction at Pediatric Dentistry of Denton!

We understand that trust is everything when choosing a pediatric dentist, which is why we would be glad to help you through this process! Our knowledgeable staff embraces the importance of offering patients quality experiences in both physical and emotional terms based on four key principles:

  • Knowledge & education.
  • Comfort & convenience.
  • Compassion & empathy.
  • Transparency & honesty.

So please do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Aged-Based Patient Preventative Education

Our team prides itself on educating parents on preventive treatments like fluoride applications, oral hygiene habits such as brushing & flossing, diet advice regarding sugary drinks/snacks, etc., and other potential treatment options if needed. Furthermore, we are happy to answer any questions about stage two bottle-feeding recommendations or pacifier use beyond infancy once all essential developmental milestones have been met for your little one’s current age group (6mth-1year). 

Six Month-1 Year Children’s Dental Exams in Denton

Our top priority at Pediatric Dentistry of Denton is providing comprehensive oral health care tailored to infants and young children between six months and one year while fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are dedicated to creating an environment that allows your child to develop trusting relationships with us and a positive attitude toward dental visits into adulthood. With Dr. Rex Gibson at the helm, we will guide you through every step, with communication and excellent service being our top priorities. Schedule your child’s six-month-one-year dental exam in Denton, TX, today.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Best pediatric dental office
Everyone is so nice and professional at Pediatric Denistry of Denton. They are very thorough and always make sure you understand everything they are doing. They also make sure you feel very comfortable. They are so great!

- Natalie T.
Friendly, professional environment
Had a great experience bringing in my 19 month old for his first check up. Friendly staff! The doctor was very knowledgeable and gentle with my son.

- Kristen L.
Efficient and professional services
They were very quick to get us in. The hygienist that cleaned my sons teeth was very sweet and patient. The doctor came in as soon as the cleaning was over and was very informative. The entire staff was kind and polite. Overall, we are very happy with this office and staff.

-Alex M.
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